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Native Hedgerow Planting for Local Biodiversity & Connectivity

Members of our local and wider communities joined forces earlier in the month to plant a row of native hedgerow species as part of efforts to improve habitat connectivity and availability across Inchinnan.

Armed with spades and saplings, volunteers planted up over 100-metres of double hedge on the day - comprising of a mix of native hedgerow species including hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, alder, bird cherry, hazel, dog rose and elder.

As these saplings mature, they will form a thriving hedgerow bustling with biodiversity and providing essential breeding habitat, shelter and food sources (like seeds, berries and nectar) - supporting an array of local wildlife populations, from birds seeking suitable nesting sites to pollinators in search of nectar-rich wildflowers.

The site of our planting is an area of grassland nestled between our community-owned Teucheen Wood and a small vegetated area (and adjoining hedgerow) to the south. By bridging the gap between these two, we not only provide a vibrant, new habitat but also a wildlife corridor, improving habitat connectivity and supporting the movement of wildlife to and from Teucheen Wood.

Funding for planting materials was provided as part of local biodiversity improvement work in relation to the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) being developed in Netherton, Inchinnan - an example of how positive partnerships between local authorities and local communities can help create effective mitigation for the impacts of development on wildlife.

A big thank you to everyone involved on the day for helping us take a step towards the creation of a more biodiverse and resilient landscape in Inchinnan, and in particular to Andy Monaghan (our volunteer wildlife consultant) and Marc Queen (Senior Technical Officer with Renfrewshire Council) for getting everything planned and arranged!


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