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History of Teucheen Wood

Teucheen was once the site of an intense battle between a 15,000 strong army led by the Norse-Gaelic lord Somerled and a much smaller force of King Malcom in 1164.

Somerled’s army was attacked and defeated as they crossed the River Cart, with the most fierce of fighting believed to have taken place in our very own woodland (which is sometimes referred to as ‘Bloody Mire’ reflecting this gruesome past).

It has been said that ploughing here has uncovered fragments of bones and armour, the remains of those slain in this battle.

Bloody Mire.png
A drawing from T.C.F Brotchie's 'The Battlefields of Scotland' showing 'Bloody Mire'  aka Teucheen Wood, Inchinnan (1913)
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