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India Tyres Playing Fields

Regeneration of a historic playing field.

Following on from our success with purchasing Teucheen Wood we recognised that there were several other greenspaces that we could help to protect and improve in Inchinnan. This brought our attention to India Tyres Playing Fields, a large and historic grassy field that has been used recreationally by residents since at least 1945. 

We are currently in the process of applying for a community asset transfer, which will enable community management of the playing fields with Inchinnan Development Trust overseeing their preservation and development.  If successful we are planning a series of improvements and changes to the playing fields to help create an accessible, diverse and well-maintained space that will encourage wider community use.

History of India Tyres Playing Fields

The playing fields have been present in Inchinnan since approximately 1928 based on historical mapping and photography, being used for recreation since at least 1945. 

The site was a part of an airship factory for the Air Ministry, and was subsequently sold to the India Tyre Rubber Company following the First World War and then to Dunlop Tyres, who oversaw the development of the playing fields for the benefit of their employees.


Since the end of these industries and their use of the playing field, it was essentially abandoned - only being maintained and kept in operation through the dedicated work of local residents (who saved it from potential development after the tyre works closure).

Images source:

India Tyres Industrial Site with Playing Fields and Residential Housing (1930)
Allands Avenue and India Tyres Sports Grounds (1967)
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