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Tree Works in Teucheen Wood

by application only

Protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

Teucheen Wood is part of a wider Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and is designated a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation) by Renfrewshire Council.  The entire woodland ecosystem plays a huge role in locking up carbon, including the living wood, roots, leaves, deadwood, surrounding soils and its associated vegetation. 

The most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change is trees – Inchinnan Development Trust can not with good conscience undertake any works that are not beneficial to the woodland or those that access it. However IDT will not normally object to any application for works to overhanging trees on the basis that they have been professionally assessed, that permission is sought from the local authority and that works are conducted by suitably qualified personnel. 


Residents with overhanging tree branches can address their issue at their own cost ensuring they follow regulations and process set out by Renfrewshire Council:

  1. Obtain a professional assessment (IDT use Merlin Tree Services - / 07710452971)

  2. Complete a planning application to Renfrewshire Council for tree works covered by Tree Preservation Order which can be done through or via email 

  3. Contact IDT for permission to access the woodland to undertake tree works (only if access is required)

Information on Renfrewshire Council's Tree Policy and the importance of Tree Preservation Orders can be found here

The Trust currently employs a Woodland Management Advisor who completes an annual condition assessment of Teucheen Wood (legal requirement is every 5 years). The latest assessment was undertaken in April 2023. No emergency tree works were identified and works are due to be completed following scheduling, appropriate permissions, and the necessary ecological checks (which will occur outside of the current wildlife breeding season).

Ensuring our community woodland remains safe for all is our top priority and Teucheen Wood is monitored as part of risk assessment procedures for community events (which occur regularly in the woodland through our volunteer and educational programmes). Ground level visual checks of the woodland are also conducted following extreme weather events such as storms or severe winds. If an identifiable and immediate hazard were recorded during these checks, emergency tree works would be arranged.

Owing to the woodland’s Tree Preservation Order and designation as a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation) the Trust makes all tree management decisions in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council (as per their Tree Preservation Order regulations). In addition, the Trust is also working alongside Scottish Forestry to formalise and implement our Woodland Management Plan (WMP). Our WMP will determine and guide the Trust’s long-term aims for the woodland and its on-going management/maintenance. Management strategies will be continually assessed and adjusted, adapting to the changing conditions of the woodland and the needs of site users/boundary residents. 

It is important to understand that woodlands are naturally complex and dynamic, and the absolute removal of risk from such an environment is not feasible. As such, all woodlands carry with them a certain level of risk to visitors and neighbours. It is essential that those accessing Teucheen Wood exercise caution and take reasonable care for their own personal safety during their visits. While a tree assessment can identify those trees which may present a hazard in the future and reduce risk through their management, it cannot account for residual risk and events such as extreme weather. Nature is inherently unpredictable, meaning no tree can be deemed completely risk free.

Woodland Safety & Tree Works

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