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Teucheen Wood

Our community-owned woodland.

Teucheen Wood is where Inchinnan Development Trust's community ownership journey began. Driven by the concerns of our community members regarding a proposed sale (and potential loss) of the woodland the Trust was formed with the purpose of securing Teucheen Wood.


In 2021, a community buy-out of the woodland was finalised through the efforts of our community members and with support from various organisations including the Scottish Land Fund, Renfrewshire Council, Development Trust Association Scotland, Community Woodlands Association, Engage Renfrewshire and Community Land Scotland.

Following our success in 2021, the Trust have since established a diverse programme of environmental and community-oriented projects within the woodland, seeking to explore the wealth of opportunity it provides for our local and wider communities while also turning our sights to other local green assets in need of similar community intervention. 

Protecting a much-loved community asset

Teucheen Wood, once at risk of private sale, now stands as a vital local green asset thanks to the collective efforts of our community members. By steering the woodland away from private ownership and bringing its ownership/management into the hand's of our community, we have secured its presence and preservation for generations to come 

Fostering a connection between people and place

Through volunteer-led groups like our 'Friends of Teucheen Wood', weekly nature activity sessions and educational programmes for young people, we help to foster a connection between our community and the woodland. Through these initiatives we explore the opportunities Teucheen Wood provides for education, recreation, and wellbeing, while also creating a sense of pride and collective stewardship over the woodland.

Enhancing woodland health and biodiverisity

Our approach to woodland management finds balance between improvements to Teucheen's woodland ecosystem and measures to ensure safety and accessibility. While we actively work to enhance woodland health, biodiversity, and habitat quality, we also prioritise maintaining public access and managing potential hazards - creating a safe and resilient woodland where both nature and community can thrive. 

Wildlife & Biodiversity

Find out more Teucheen Wood and the various wildlife species that call it home.

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great spotted woodpecker (canva)_edited.

Events & Activities 

Discover our woodland events, nature activity sessions and opportunities to get involved.

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Visiting Teucheen

Information for individuals or  groups wishing to visit or arrange sessions in Teucheen.

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Woodland Management & Tree Works

Information on general management of Teucheen Wood, including guidance on tree works in the woodland and the woodland's Tree Preservation Order, can be found below.

Woodland News & Updates

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