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About Inchinnan Development Trust

About Inchinnan Development Trust

Initially established through the Inchinnan Community Council in response to the proposed sale of our local community woodland (Teucheen Wood), Inchinnan Development Trust was formally created in April 2020 to secure the woodland and ensure its community-led ownership and management.

We are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our local environment through responsible, informed management and sustainable development. We aim to engage Inchinnan’s residents with these efforts, encouraging local involvement and connection with our greenspaces and community woodland. 

Our goal is to develop a network of accessible, community-oriented spaces within the village to further local engagement, educational opportunity, public recreation, physical and mental wellbeing.

IDT is made up of 86 ordinary members, of which 19 are active volunteers, from a population of 1874 persons residing within 760 households. Members are supported by 2 part time staff members under the leadership of a Board of Directors.

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