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Wildlife of Teucheen Wood

great spotted woodpecker (canva).png

The woodland has a rich variety of flora and fauna, including an impressive number of both resident and migratory birds with over 60 species recorded thus far. From common species like the Blue Tit, Robin and Blackbird to lesser-known species such as the Treecreeper and Lesser Redpoll you’re guaranteed to see and hear a variety of birds on your walk through our woodland. Make sure to listen out for the drumming of our resident Great Spotted Woodpecker in springtime too!

treecrawler (canva).png
common pipistrelle (canva).png

Many mammals also call Teucheen their home and find shelter in the woodland’s trees and dense understory. These range from small mammals such as the Wood Mouse, Bank Vole and Grey Squirrel to large species such as the Roe Deer and Red Fox

You may see our bat boxes on your walk which are supporting the bat population that has been recorded in the woodland, with at least two species: the Common Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle.

goldfinch (canva).png

Other resident breeding birds include the Goldcrest (Europe’s smallest bird), Stock Dove, Song Thrush and Long-tailed Tit. More recent colonists of our woodland are the Jay and Nuthatch. Rarer predatory birds such as the Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Tawny Owl breed within the woodlands, with Barn Owl and Kestrels also making use of the woodland edge and adjacent fields in their hunt for prey. 

buzzard (canva).png

In more exposed areas and the woodland edge, you'll often see several butterfly species such as the Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Small Copper.

butterfly (canva).png

The woodland has a variety of tree species, mostly broadleaves. The over-storey canopy is predominately mature sycamore and beech, with oak and ash also present. Scots pine, horse chestnut, common lime and European larch can be found in smaller numbers. 

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