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From Laird to Shared: IDT speaks at Community Land Scotland’s Latest Panel

IDT Development Manager, Maggie, was recently invited to join a discussion panel hosted by Community Land Scotland.

The event, which focused on the heritage and future of community land ownership, brought together a diverse panel of community activists, academics, and community landowners, alongside music and spoken word performances.

Guests for the evening included:

Martin Avila, CEIS and former Director of Kinning Park Complex

Dr Josh Doble, Community Land Scotland

Maggie Morrison, Inchinnan Development Trust

Steg G, Sunny Govan

Iona Macleod, Govan Docks Collective

Johnny Cypher, rapper, activist and educator

Josie Duncan, vocalist and songwriter

Maggie highlighted community ownership in action in an urban context through the Trust’s work in Inchinnan and with our first community-asset, Teucheen Wood. She detailed the formation of the Trust in response to the auction of the woodland, providing insights into the challenges faced along the way and the mindset and drive that enabled the community to overcome them.

You can watch a full recap of the event here:


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