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'The Robin Stole The Show' by Margaret Tomlinson

Following one of our weekly woodland sessions in Teucheen Wood, attendee Margaret Tomlinson shared with us this lovely piece she was inspired to write by the sights and sounds of the woodland.

The group meandered gently through the woodlands taking in the sights and sounds as they went.

The colours were many and varied in shades of greens, browns, oranges, yellows and reds. The lucid sky above gave them blue today in its own unique way and their senses were grateful for all the earthly love they were surrounded in.

A squirrel or two caught their attention but they focused on the divergent fungi found on deadwood and logs whilst chitchatting about the animals and birds they knew lived there.

The group were connected in love for the earth under their feet, the trees surrounding and towering above them, the many plants of which some were sleeping at this time and the care they knew was needed to look after this wonderful environment.

A rest came with a fire for warmth and some food for energy in a circle of empowerment that gave each person a new or renewed focus on life.

The effort both physically and mentally were taken with grateful hearts in what felt to them like friends coming together. The circle complete with the company of the Robin.


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