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Community Land Week - India Tyres Playing Fields

It’s #CommunityLandWeek and we want to highlight our latest community asset, India Tyres Playing Fields. A relic of Inchinnan’s industrial past, the playing fields are now in the hands of the community via a Community Asset Transfer which took place last year.

Find out more about the playing field’s heritage and journey into community management (text also below image):

Inchinnan’s industrial heritage - The site of India Tyres Playing Fields is tied to Inchinnan’s rich industrial history. Originally the site was used as part of William Beardmore & Co’s airship construction, with the famous R34 being built on site in 1918 and going on to become the first aircraft to make an east-to-west transatlantic flight!

Inchinnan tyre works - Following the end of airship construction in 1921, the remains of the industrial site was taken over by the India Tyre & Rubber Company - giving the playing fields (which were developed and used for worker’s recreation and sports clubs) their current name.

Decline of industry, playing fields at risk - On the decline of these industries, the site was regenerated and the playing fields were essentially orphaned in the process - being maintained and protected from commercial development through the actions of local residents from then on. After establishing IDT in 2020, work began on identifying assets within Inchinnan in need of community intervention to ensure their future, coming in high on our list was India Tyres Playing Fields - with residents recognising it as at significant risk of loss.

Community intervention needed - With support from Renfrewshire Council and DTAS Community Ownership Support Service, we began the process of a Community Asset Transfer to secure the site. Following community consultation across Inchinnan, feasibility studies to assess the site, and the creation of a business plan to outline our vision, IDT were ready to submit our request.

Community asset transfer - In 2022, Inchinnan Development Trust successfully secured a Community Asset Transfer of India Tyres Playing Fields from Renfrewshire Council - bringing the historic playing fields into community management.

Community-led preservation and regeneration - With the playing fields now secure, work has started on their regeneration through a 5-year development plan which will transform the site into an accessible, shared greenspace that meets needs/wants of our communities and IDT's environmental ambitions. Local consultation is key and will inform proposals for site, ensuring its success as a hub for the community for generations to come.


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