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Friends of Teucheen Wood - Rhodie Bash!

We had our first Friends of Teucheen Wood session yesterday to help with the removal of invasive Rhododendron poniticum in our woodland.

Many thanks to our volunteers who braved the chilly weather to come along. As you can see from the before/after photos, they did a fantastic job with their bowsaws and loppers - making quick work of the rhododendron we were tackling!

While they may look fairly harmless, Rhododendrons are a non-native species which can outcompete native flora (such as bluebells) and dominate landscapes if left unmanaged. By eradicating this species in Teucheen Wood we help to prevent its spread and allow native plants to flourish in its place!

If you’re interested in getting involved with our Friends of Teucheen Wood volunteer group you can click here or email us at for more details


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