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Keep dogs on lead & stick to paths to protect Inchinnan’s vulnerable ground nesting birds

New seasonal signage has been installed in two areas in Inchinnan frequented by vulnerable ground nesting birds during the annual wildlife breeding season (March - July).

Inchinnan’s fields and grasslands are home to important populations of rare and endangered ground nesting birds. Species including Lapwing, Skylark, and Meadow Pipit use these areas for nesting and rearing their chicks during the annual breeding season.

Off-lead dogs can trample ground nests and scare off adult birds - risking nest abandonment and the loss of chicks to predators or starvation. It is therefore important that you stick to designated walking paths and keep your dog on a short lead during the breeding season.

Thank you to Renfrewshire Council and our Local Partnership for providing the funding to create these signs and for their support of our community’s efforts to better care for Inchinnan’s wildlife habitats and the species that rely on them.


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