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Volunteers Start Work on Creating a Wildflower Verge at Teucheen Wood

Following work to plant up a hedgerow along Teucheen Wood’s entrance path in February, volunteers have now started on the creation of a wildflower verge. Over the past few weekends, they have been hard at work doing the necessary ground preparation to sow a native mix of wildflower seeds and grasses.

Once established, the verge will provide a vibrant habitat and vital food source for local insects (in particular, pollinators like bees and butterflies), birds, and small mammals. We kindly ask all visitors to remain on the designated pathway and avoid disturbing this area to give the wildflowers the best chance to grow.

Funding for planting materials was provided as part of local biodiversity improvement work in relation to the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) being developed in Netherton, Inchinnan. Thank you to everyone involved over the past few weeks (including members of Renfrew Association of Growers and IDT’s Friends of Teucheen Wood) and in particular to Andy Monaghan (our volunteer wildlife consultant) and Marc Queen (Senior Technical Officer with Renfrewshire Council) for getting everything planned and arranged!


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